Scott Hall

from by Shadow Moses

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Holy cannoli …. sit back, jabroni
the 3 amigo spit primo dunking over Horry
Make a killing and it’s gory, I’m sorry, there’s little glory in
dealing with lesser men the lesson is in session man.

concession stands. lesson plan grand slam.
Shadow Mo’ rise to the top. head nod to every man.
and these heavy hands are hitting haymakers
these haters simply crushed under the might of these foreign invaders
Magellan, bitch

swiss miss cannot get this. villainous with the iron mic fist
you mean like this? motherfucker we take it to another level.
why you meddling in affairs of a grown ass man,
well these grown ass hands about to smack you down.
but the fact of the matter is we some bad motherfuckers around, eyooo

whoa! settle the flow, fourscore and a year ago
rappers have came and went kaput! we’re killing em all slow
down to the very core wrestlin’ a manticore.
choke em out…(tap tap tap). that’s hardcore.
tekken with an amputee (what?) that’s hardcore.

what’s hardcore? Like slicing a man from the base of his eyes,
extract the iris then gone with the cornea?
Fuck a baby faun in Narnia.

In the butt-butt, like hutt-hutt.
it’s not rape, so shut up.
it’s interspecies mingling, let these motherfuckers
suck on my ding-a-ling.

Fingering sockets coz something might just spark.
Put a collar on Korean kids, say I’m walking Parks.
Lara’s tomb or boob it’s all to the good. Ain’t pervs, it’s just art.
Give out slurpies and beef jerkies we working a kwik-e-mart.

Scott hall!
Say hello to the bad guy
Scott hall!
Ey yo!

Okay, i can be serious
I can be delirious
like Eddie Murph’s career.
(what career?)
He was a donkey spanking Myers monkey.
It’s pretty sad he took all of Arsenio Hall’s girls and money, honey

But I don’t mean to diss the Nuttiest of Profs.
I’m just super fucking angry cuz these fuckers dissed my crocs.
Put them fisticuffs up. Jigglypuff our rhythm rough and rugged.
Wanted in about 20 states… psych! we’re nerds no need for running.

Shit. You got me stuck on Jigglypuff.
Golden showers in July, call that bitch a jingle cock.
Feeblefucks take that blue pill, for real! Know what I mean?
Wu-Tang won’t be forever without viagra, no cream


No. Don’t fucking say that.
You dissed Wu-Tang. Now this is payback.
You think you’re funny? You fucking comic?
Generations today will never know the Supersonics.

Dude... I saw sonic crush that diss while bumpin’ to The Chronic.
What do you know about that though?
When that album dropped you had no pubic hair

but we’re really fucking joking cuz we’re really fucking nerds.
the only Larry I know is the name of my bird.

Scott hall!
Say hello to the bad guy
Scott hall!
Ey yo!


from Expansion Pack, released June 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Shadow Moses Quezon City, Philippines

Third world Nerdcore.

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