Remember the Titans

from by Shadow Moses

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Attack of the titan, leviathan horn, floor
that delorean brother while we’re ripping the chords
It’s the dude they call Chyrho hieroglyphs and all that
deciphering the code - is like bypassing a lo-jack city

stay shifty coz we rhyming with that gritty shit,
simple simian logic, armed with a nuclear war head nod
flooding of the synagogue, swinging Evanor sword
sharper than that cheese that other rappers spit (ohh)

Genome phone home mic grip-equipped, sick with a
DISCLAIMER: Shadow Mo music is not for the weak or the timid
we battling stars [Galactica] you lesser than us [it’s Gattaca]
Ignorant emcees go shut the fuck up [return to Ravnica!]

Sculpt that mind like I was Jace or Windu with a mace
use the Force when I erase memories
and MCs, enemies, freeze.
Who’s got the Golden Fleece?
Shadow Moses chopping down your sycamore tree!

Genius on deck 90s kid calling me Dexter.
Plastic sheets, black hawks, I'mma killa copter
die as a legend, living my life like that Fable 2
Murdering the game cuz I’m Cain and I’m able to

like jesus before, when he welcomed with palms,
this man is alive and he dropping some bombs.
I go at it, woof woof, like a hell hound.
Dante on the mic and I’m pretty much hell bound.

Six be my Virgil, right here in the sixth circle.
Heretics and murderers.
What is a day to an immortal?
Just another limit that I’m bound to break.

You just another biter that I’m bound to stake.
all them motherfucking fakers want a piece of the cake.
I’m sophisticated, but I’ll throw signs of hate.
NEW GOD GOSPEL, unchain my brain.

I'll be the king at a drop of a dime.
at the drop of a dime and I'm making it mine.
Pennies for thoughts and I'm bringing the change.
Y'all chapter is done and I'm flipping the page.

It's the end of your reign.
Your fire dissipating and I'm stroking my flame.
These wolverine claws got you bleeding and maimed.
It's Ninno from the Shadows, and you're playin my game.


from Expansion Pack, released June 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Shadow Moses Quezon City, Philippines

Third world Nerdcore.

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