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released June 18, 2016

All songs by Antonino Rodriguez, Victor Prieto, and Felix Gantioqui.

Additional vocals and lyrics on Not Horrorcore by A Problem Like Maria.

Recorded and engineered at Futurestudio by Rez Toledo



all rights reserved


Shadow Moses Quezon City, Philippines

Third world Nerdcore.

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Track Name: Remember the Titans
Attack of the titan, leviathan horn, floor
that delorean brother while we’re ripping the chords
It’s the dude they call Chyrho hieroglyphs and all that
deciphering the code - is like bypassing a lo-jack city

stay shifty coz we rhyming with that gritty shit,
simple simian logic, armed with a nuclear war head nod
flooding of the synagogue, swinging Evanor sword
sharper than that cheese that other rappers spit (ohh)

Genome phone home mic grip-equipped, sick with a
DISCLAIMER: Shadow Mo music is not for the weak or the timid
we battling stars [Galactica] you lesser than us [it’s Gattaca]
Ignorant emcees go shut the fuck up [return to Ravnica!]

Sculpt that mind like I was Jace or Windu with a mace
use the Force when I erase memories
and MCs, enemies, freeze.
Who’s got the Golden Fleece?
Shadow Moses chopping down your sycamore tree!

Genius on deck 90s kid calling me Dexter.
Plastic sheets, black hawks, I'mma killa copter
die as a legend, living my life like that Fable 2
Murdering the game cuz I’m Cain and I’m able to

like jesus before, when he welcomed with palms,
this man is alive and he dropping some bombs.
I go at it, woof woof, like a hell hound.
Dante on the mic and I’m pretty much hell bound.

Six be my Virgil, right here in the sixth circle.
Heretics and murderers.
What is a day to an immortal?
Just another limit that I’m bound to break.

You just another biter that I’m bound to stake.
all them motherfucking fakers want a piece of the cake.
I’m sophisticated, but I’ll throw signs of hate.
NEW GOD GOSPEL, unchain my brain.

I'll be the king at a drop of a dime.
at the drop of a dime and I'm making it mine.
Pennies for thoughts and I'm bringing the change.
Y'all chapter is done and I'm flipping the page.

It's the end of your reign.
Your fire dissipating and I'm stroking my flame.
These wolverine claws got you bleeding and maimed.
It's Ninno from the Shadows, and you're playin my game.
Track Name: Not Horrorcore (feat. A Problem like Maria)
This isn't horrorcore this is torture porn
A tortured artist when he torches every page he's torn.
A naked woman and she's lying on a bed of thorns
She screams in agony while zombies rip her vocal chords.

This isn't horrorcore this is me reborn.
This is Nino when his raps are filled with rage and scorn.
A vicious demon when he sharpens all his fangs and horns.
This is a child swallowed whole by a manticore.

Islamic state terrorism matching rhythms of rapidly fired rifles
This is the fall of Eiffel, this is for every rival, i'm taking every title.
My every diss is libel, so rap for your survival.

This isn't horrorcore. This is a firestorm.
See these bones I've kept hidden behind the secret doors.
This isn't horrorcore. But a massacre.
This a holocaust I'm Gado with a Bloody Roar.

Wild and ambitious
Visceral and vicious
Death by their hands is no suspicious circumstance
For guilty men lost in a lawless land
So run while you still can

This isn’t horrorcore it’s demon Dexter’s laborator
creakin' floors slittin' throats of silly whores
Real gore from a villainous spore a thousand doors,
choose one flimsy fucker I’m rotten to the core.

I rock with darkened cold heart and drop kick Steve Hawking
I’m talking, he can’t man, I’m Austin, a stunner,
bladerunner grave digger, 4 to cast,
2/2 blasting up your bloody carcass asshole

This isn’t horrorcore, it’s my own movie score
Vorhess leading the choir signalling your doom, Victor
Charles is the MAN-SON, gnawing on napalm.
Stay calm you hipsters, fear this song coz here’s a ray gun (blaw)

It’s not that gore rap that you’re used to now is it,
go check the mirror say my name 3 times and see you fidget, quick
I leave microphoneys for dead ripped to shreds,
mangled bruised and battered, this bastards madder than the hatter (blaw)

Wild and ambitious
Visceral and vicious
Death by their hands is no suspicious circumstance
For guilty men lost in a lawless land
So run while you still can

You son of a gun
Are you having fun
Takes just one shot to put you down
I’ll bury you deep underground
Track Name: Scott Hall
Holy cannoli …. sit back, jabroni
the 3 amigo spit primo dunking over Horry
Make a killing and it’s gory, I’m sorry, there’s little glory in
dealing with lesser men the lesson is in session man.

concession stands. lesson plan grand slam.
Shadow Mo’ rise to the top. head nod to every man.
and these heavy hands are hitting haymakers
these haters simply crushed under the might of these foreign invaders
Magellan, bitch

swiss miss cannot get this. villainous with the iron mic fist
you mean like this? motherfucker we take it to another level.
why you meddling in affairs of a grown ass man,
well these grown ass hands about to smack you down.
but the fact of the matter is we some bad motherfuckers around, eyooo

whoa! settle the flow, fourscore and a year ago
rappers have came and went kaput! we’re killing em all slow
down to the very core wrestlin’ a manticore.
choke em out…(tap tap tap). that’s hardcore.
tekken with an amputee (what?) that’s hardcore.

what’s hardcore? Like slicing a man from the base of his eyes,
extract the iris then gone with the cornea?
Fuck a baby faun in Narnia.

In the butt-butt, like hutt-hutt.
it’s not rape, so shut up.
it’s interspecies mingling, let these motherfuckers
suck on my ding-a-ling.

Fingering sockets coz something might just spark.
Put a collar on Korean kids, say I’m walking Parks.
Lara’s tomb or boob it’s all to the good. Ain’t pervs, it’s just art.
Give out slurpies and beef jerkies we working a kwik-e-mart.

Scott hall!
Say hello to the bad guy
Scott hall!
Ey yo!

Okay, i can be serious
I can be delirious
like Eddie Murph’s career.
(what career?)
He was a donkey spanking Myers monkey.
It’s pretty sad he took all of Arsenio Hall’s girls and money, honey

But I don’t mean to diss the Nuttiest of Profs.
I’m just super fucking angry cuz these fuckers dissed my crocs.
Put them fisticuffs up. Jigglypuff our rhythm rough and rugged.
Wanted in about 20 states… psych! we’re nerds no need for running.

Shit. You got me stuck on Jigglypuff.
Golden showers in July, call that bitch a jingle cock.
Feeblefucks take that blue pill, for real! Know what I mean?
Wu-Tang won’t be forever without viagra, no cream


No. Don’t fucking say that.
You dissed Wu-Tang. Now this is payback.
You think you’re funny? You fucking comic?
Generations today will never know the Supersonics.

Dude... I saw sonic crush that diss while bumpin’ to The Chronic.
What do you know about that though?
When that album dropped you had no pubic hair

but we’re really fucking joking cuz we’re really fucking nerds.
the only Larry I know is the name of my bird.

Scott hall!
Say hello to the bad guy
Scott hall!
Ey yo!
Track Name: Cypherpunk
Do Androids dream of electric sheep?
I got implanted cybernetics when I woke from my cryogen sleep.
Guess the world has changed. I got a fuzzy memory...
I don’t remember human beings used as batteries.

Arteries extracted, body parts lacking.
You live on electricity and knowledge is galactic.
I’m skeptic of these skeletons out on the loose.
Empowered Necrons resurrecting their entire crew.

I see how it works, I saw it in a dream.
This Space Marine is warped Chaos within me.
Fuck the Empire! and I’m striking it back.
Even Luke couldn’t force his way out of this attack.

Using a scalpel to just to write my lines,
And I got a motherfucker from the ancient times.
See I’ll squash all these Zergs with my words
have you heard? This motherfucker about to devour the world.

See I use to be a zealot, just another random goon.
Now I’m spitting fire, and they be calling me Dragoon.

Zeroes and ones, cybernetic conflict
Zeroes and ones, Skynet up on my shit
Zeroes and ones, metaphors of binary reign
Zeroes and ones, and we’re rewriting the game

Robotic conflict, year 3018.
You got them Android shifting and they’re waiting on their dreams.
Team to beat down - set the grounds for the conquest
All set, set phasers to stun, this I bet

Mechanoid, Killer of the Metalloid on some roads
Freudian thought, the streets call me Tek and he’s the Bioroid
So I use my voice for electronic commands.
We speak in numbers motherfucker, only we can understand.

Fan the man causing pandemonium again
Stealing is a sin Animan versus Black Helos- this-is-grim
You feel me then? We killing, it’s done.
I got you in my gridlock, and I’m feeling so Tron.

I’m calling everything way I really fucking see ‘em.
I found this ancient motherfucker underneath the mausoleum.
Fall of the Cylon to these Crylon-mic wielders
Shadow-mo [mentat] armed with sonic screechers

Zeroes and ones, cybernetic conflict
Zeroes and ones, Skynet up on my shit
Zeroes and ones, metaphors of binary reign
Zeroes and ones, and we’re rewriting the game

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Awake my mind from a motherfucking cryogen sleep
and then I flip flop into the matrix
faceless droids bladerunning for the basics - raise this

street samurai sword, the dystopian lord
Applaud the maker for this future cuz I was bored
Hoard the laserface warning, sounds to a decibel
How you doing Mr. Anderson, I know you but not really well

Helter, Skeletron, Victor Vaughn The Console Cowboy
Ace Code buster, scanner dark and darker
Fake syntax, relapse, is this fiction or fact?
Truth is you’ll only know when the computers attack

Break the code for the neuromance
Icing up your only chance
Breakers face the breaker stance
replicants will dance

Mnemonic / stimhacking netrunner
Splat job for cleanup on aisle seven-nine-zero-one

TECHNO SCUM / victim of the mechanical lung
kick a dead whale down a beach
end the run, you’re done meng

Zeroes and ones, cybernetic conflict
Zeroes and ones, Skynet up on my shit
Zeroes and ones, metaphors of binary reign
Zeroes and ones, and we’re rewriting the game
Track Name: The Lost Art of Throwbacks
Whatchu want now?
To stay frosty
I get back to the crib and I chill out with my posse.

Whatchu want now?
To stay hungry.
I’m grinding like Balboa you know it when this shit Rocky.

You mean the Rockies? We colluding with Colorado,
stay higher than colonies in spacious environments
like space pirates, Binyare, Invaders like Atari.
I’m not sorry. Rape and pillage like Dothraki.

Endors got ewoks and we take em as our padawans
Xizor excites my incisors like spliced whores.
Return of the Jedi, Pornographic hentai.
Gun them like we Bandai, we gun them till they all die.

Killing kindergarten gimmicks came in dealing now we in it
limit is a kid’s term, we aiming for the infinite.
Victor viciously verbose vaporising the flow,
vanish Vaders with that vast air vein Deschanel, Zoe.

Yo, not only highly intellectual but equally skilled.
Ninno is a mage man, he spits firaga at will.
More final than fantasy and ambiguous destinations.
Winged wonder call me grayson, air combat and I aced ‘em

A missile in your anus, shoutouts to Miscellaneous!
Kicking up the angel dust I, dusted all the angels I,
Face ‘em mano-e-mano, until they flatline
these rap lines I dial up with the ease of a Hindu God.

Is it Brahmin or Shiva? Do you need a fucking shisha?
The ease of a Hindu, so I guess you better curry -I mean hurry,
the power of forty thousand virgins is otherworldly.
That’s twenty thousand virgins each that’s an episode of Maury.

Twenty thousand leagues under me. You mean we.
Verne don’t got the joules to out-energy me.
I’m an energy freak super smashing the weak.
Chopping silly syllables like Shulk versus the Shiek.

It’s the lost art, you rappers lack heart.
You’ve forgotten the elements that make you sound smart.